Blueberry expert Sebastián Ochoa Münzenmayer, OZblu of United Exports and their JV partner MIGIVA Group in the Americas concluded an exclusive global deal

Perth, April 2019 – United Exports announced that Sebastián Ochoa Münzenmayer, a blueberry specialist, not only considered one of the World’s few thought leaders with his expertise on these relatively new low-chill evergreen blueberries, has entered into an exclusive commercial agreement with United Exports, as the company is rapidly expanding their international footprint of their highly successful OZblu blueberries.

Roger Horak, the Founder and Global CEO of United Exports and co-founder of OZblu, says Sebastian is one of the most highly skilled and respected individuals in the blueberry industry around the globe. “To have him work for us exclusively will give us a huge strategic advantage in a very competitive and fast growing industry.”

Commenting from Perth, “As we have been able to produce superior genetics, part of the next challenge is scaling them commercially and Sebastian has been part of our journey for several years, so we are delighted that he has agreed to work with us exclusively.” Said Dave and Leasa Mazzardis the owners and breeders of Nature Select breeding program, and co-founders of OZblu Blueberries.

Sebastian Ochoa’s company, Consultora Agrícola y Comercial Santa María in Spain, is an agricultural consultancy office specialising in providing technical advice in the blueberry industry worldwide. He has consulted globally to many companies, as well as lectured and delivered papers at various universities and conferences on subjects such as production, quality control and agricultural techniques in berry production. According to Horak, Sebastian saw the potential with United Exports and OZblu, and likewise, he is committed to ongoing research and development in this vibrant industry.

“It was not a difficult decision to enter into this commercial arrangement with United Exports, yes the genetics are simply class leading globally, but working with such a dynamic and committed team of people makes all that more exciting”, commented Sebastian.


About Nature Select
Dave and Leasa Mazzardis established their Nature Select breeding program with aim of producing superior blueberry genetics that are commercially viable for growers, with the focus of making their blueberries the number one choice for consumer consumption globally.While their breeding program’s genetics are now grown commercially in over 19 countries, they are continuing to develop and further their varieties and market them under the OZblu brand.


About Consultora Agrícola y Comercial Santa María SPA.
Santa María is a company, owned by Sebastián Ochoa Münzenmayer a qualified Agronomist (MBA, Master in Tech). The company specializes in the blueberry industry worldwide with more than 10,000 hectares advised on 4 continents (America, Africa, Asia and Oceania), dedicated to technical advice (project development from economic evaluation to post-harvest of fruit , integrating all areas of the production chain, in conventional, organic, biodynamic, soil and hydroponics, greenhouse, open field and under cover systems), research and development, and head hunting specialized in agricultural projects.
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About United Exports
Established by Roger Horak in 2003, United Exports is an international company specialising in the licensing and sub-licensing of leading fruit genetics.  As a vertically integrated business, the core business units are varietal breeding, fruit production, packing and export/import services.

United Exports is best known for its global footprint of OZblu, the OZblu blueberry brand and its innovative, sustainable and precision approach to producing these exciting varieties of blueberries.
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About MIGIVA Group
MIGIVA is a family owned group of diversified companies headquartered in Peru. MIGIVA Group’s agricultural division includes over 25,000 acres of prime farming land and multiple state-of-the-art processing plants in Peru and Uruguay. In addition, the company manufactures and distributes a full line of top quality bio-stimulants and fertilizers developed in partnership with dutch giant Van Iperen.  In Peru, one of MIGIVA´s most notable agricultural subsidiary is grape farming innovator Agricola Andrea, the leading IFG grape variety grower in the southern hemisphere, serving and captivating top retailers worldwide with premium quality grapes and outstanding service.
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