Know Your Farmer

How We Grow

Our farmers work in harmony with nature to create our sweet & juicy blueberries.

OZblu leading producer of blueberries

From Farm to Table

OZblu brings you varieties of tastier, crispier blueberries by working with Mother Nature, adding a little bit of science and a whole lot of passion. Find out more here >

OZblu Varieties


Every season is blueberry season! Find out how we made this possible here >

OZblu Blueberry Farmer

Know your Farmer

OZblu is unique in that we are 100% vertically integrated. Ahhh…. Vertically integrated? No, we do not stand on each other’s heads, and we don’t grow our blueberries up walls! Meet your farmers here >

OZblu Blueberry Picker

Worker Welfare

We believe good food is grown with a happy heart. As such we set out to provide uplifting, fair and equitable workplaces and have set policies to ensure this happens. Find out more here >

OZblu Blueberry Pollination


The three pillars of sustainability are the foundation upon which we build our business! Read more here >

OZblu Food Safety & Compliance

Food Safety & Compliance

Safety, Ethics, Sustainability and Transparency are OZblu’s priorities in every aspect of our company and farming operations. They are the principles which guide our decisions and actions related to environmental protection, resource conservation, business practices, and the health, safety, and wellbeing of our consumers, employees, farmers, their workers and our broader community. Read more here >