Variety is EB 12-19

Perth, September 2018 – Arriving in China from Chile, OZblu’s blueberries did not stand about.  “Chile has many old varieties, and we are fortunate enough to be part of the OZblu programme and we sent some fruit to Beijing in China.  The fruit was sold at the local market and it sold out by mid-morning  – that’s a speed of about 300kg/hour. That has to be a record for blueberries at the fresh produce market!” said a clearly ecstatic Andés de Witt, Managing Director of LaFrut.

“The fruit literally flew off the shelves as if it were a Black Friday sale, but not at a discount!  The Chinese consumer is arguably the most discerning buyer of quality fruit globally,” said Roger Horak, founder and global CEO of United Exports.

“This is clearly borne out by the price variance in the market. These OZblu blueberries ended up being sold at 1,6 times more than the next-best brand from Peru, and a staggering 2,2 times above the average price that was fetched by Peruvian blueberries overall,” said Horak.  This not only reaffirms the growth in the category but also that consumer preferences are shifting when it comes to blueberries – the market will pay for premium fruit that meets their requirements.