OZblu breaks Guinness World Record with The World’s Heaviest Blueberry

OZblu World's Heaviest Blueberry

OZblu breaks Guinness World Record with The World’s Heaviest Blueberry


BIG blueberry news!


Perth, March 2018 – They say size doesn’t count, but it does when you are breaking Guinness World Records! OZblu are bursting the barriers with our bigger, bolder blueberries.


OZblu have just set a Guinness World Record for The Heaviest Blueberry weighing in at 12.39grams!

OZblu World's Heaviest Blueberry

“It’s important to remember however that size isn’t all that matters” says Roger Horak, Co-founder and Global CEO of OZblu. “We are intent on growing the best blueberries on the market and this means that taste, crunch and flavor are our priorities. Dave just happens to grow record sized fruit too” claims Horak.

The Guinness World Records (GWR®) is published annually, listing all the world records both of human achievements and the extremes of the natural world. “For OZblu this is an incredible achievement and we are incredibly proud of David and Leasa Mazzardis for growing this profound blueberry” says Horak.

OZblu continues to expand and invest in new blueberry orchards and is kicking off our latest joint venture into the Americas this year. “It has been an incredible year for OZblu and with a new record in the Guinness World Records, we will continue to grow on our strengths” says Horak.

This record-breaking blueberry is the result of natural breeding by Dave and Leasa Mazzardis, aimed at achieving varieties that are grown to be juicier, crunchier and more flavorful. Other unique characteristics include the increase in bloom which is the protective coating and aids the blueberry’s life span thus improving shelf life of this versatile fruit. “There is no doubt that blueberries will fast track the sales of other popular fruit as this superfood continues to remain on consumer radars and recognition is given to the powerful nutritional punch that purple food provides”, explains Mazzardis.

OZblu's biggest blueberries

Can blueberries get much better than this?

That is the big and tasty question! OZblu certainly has no desire to lose hold of this record and will continue to grow the biggest blueberries with superior taste, crunch and flavor. With over 40 blueberry farms globally growing the OZblu varieties there is no shortage of supply to the global market and there is a good chance that we may even beat our own record in the years to come.

View OZblu’s Guinness World Record here.

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