PRESS RELEASE: Own a blueberry bush and see your investment grow

Perth – August 2018 – Have you ever wanted to be part of a great idea, but never had the means to invest in it? Then consider this:

OZblu blueberries have made available 96 000 of their unique variety blueberry bushes to buyers who would like to invest in these Australian-bred evergreen blueberry cultivars. For as little as R300 per bush, you can buy into this lucrative business and do all your transactions on a global-first app developed by the Fedgroup as part of their impact farming venture. In this way, you actually own the asset that generates your income, says Jon Salters, CEO- Africa of United Exports.

Fedgroup’s impact farming app was launched on 26 July 2018 and gives you instant access to a growing network of local crowd farming ventures that turn over solid profits without you having to get your hands dirty.

Partners, such as OZblu were selected as part of the venture based on their commitment to sustainable farming practices. Says Angus Robinson, from Fedgroup. “The extremely fragile nature of blueberries means that they cannot be mass-produced but need to be grown outside in a sustainable, dynamic and biological environment.”

The venture is targeting millennials who are sensitive and aware of their environment and would like to contribute to a sustainable future. “Impact farming is the way forward,” says Salters.

Angus Robinson, from Fedgroup, says an investor will get 12% on an annual basis. “You can choose to keep the income in your Fedgroup customer profile or wallet or to reinvest it in more products like blueberries, beehives or solar panels. You can also invest it into a Money Market account, or even get it paid out to you.

According to Robinson you could do everything through this unique app: you buy your asset, track the progress and invest. Insurance is part and parcel of the model, so if your blueberry bush dies, Fedgroup will replace it with another one offering the same yield.

“Smarter agriculture and renewable energy present an untapped opportunity, inaccessible to the everyday investor. Impact Farming changes this, giving anyone the opportunity to invest in the future,” says Salters. “We are looking forward to welcoming a new group of young investors into our business environment and grow our investment together.”

Download the Fedgroup app to start investing. Available on the App Store and Google Play.