OZblu® Places Customer-Led Innovation Centre Stage

Perth, 3 August 2022 | The blueberry industry was abuzz during the last week of July with the return of the OZblu® Global Conference – an industry favourite – after a COVID-induced pause. Delegates at the 2022 conference included growers, customers, investors, guests and the breeder – all together in person for the first time in 3 years. Delegates came from more than 12 countries across the globe. 





Leaders from across the industry headlined the event hosted by United Exports, the precision agriculture company specialising in OZblu® blueberries. The theme was “The Future of Customer-Led Innovation” and the format was packed with cutting-edge content, which certainly made up for lost time.  






Knowledge sharing included market insights, customer trends, customer insights into responding to trends, blueberry growing trends, a grower panel, agronomy and R&D expos, and further innovation in OZblu®’s latest series of genetics.  

David Magaña, vice president and senior analyst for Rabobank’s RaboResearch Food and Agribusiness Group, predicts that the sustainable growth of the category will continue on multiple levels. His view is that blueberries fulfill a rare trifecta when it comes to produce; they are healthy, convenient and tasty and that even as prices flatten with increased supply, new consumers will enter the market, fuelling the category’s growth 

A pulsing customer trend that was explored is the evolution of commerce to E-commerce to Q-commerce (quick, on-demand delivery) and how this is impacting the industry. Other trends to share the spotlight included merchandising and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).  

ESG is a United Exports’ core value and their ESG & Sustainability Manager, Rowen Markie, presented their numerous projects and areas of impact over the past few years. She concluded, “We can only effect change if we measure monitor and adapt.”  






Roger Horak, United Exports’ founder, expressed his enthusiasm and clarity of purpose after the conference: “OZblu® has a great story – premium varieties, a talented go-to-market team and a uniquely innovative customer-led strategy. The future does indeed look bright and ‘blu!”