PRESS RELEASE | OZblu blueberries goes green

Perth, August 2018 – Blueberries are not only good for your health, but they are also good for the environment. Well – that is if they are grown under the OZblu programme.

OZblu blueberries, a leading producer of new blueberry varieties, is going green. United Exports, the owner of the OZblu blueberries, announced that it will be using solar photovoltaic power, one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world, for its latest blueberry projects as part of its energy blend and sustainable business practices.

United Exports will be partnering with well-known provider of solar energy solutions, Emergent Energy, an arrangement that has been facilitated by FEDgroup’s innovative Impact Farming initiative. “We are delighted that we can not only launch the green energy leg of our sustainable business strategy, but we are equally delighted to be doing it alongside FEDgroup where investors in their Impact Farming product get to enjoy both a financial and a green return,” says Roger Horak, Founder and Global CEO of United Exports.

“This matters to us for obvious business reasons but, more importantly, consumers of our OZblu blueberries want to know that we are producing this delicious fruit in a responsible way, which is completely in line with what the OZblu brand is about,” said Horak.

“Smarter agriculture and renewable energy present an untapped opportunity. At OZblu we are committed to these principles in our farming practices, and our partners share our values and support our sustainability vision and objectives,” says Horak. “This will significantly control our energy costs in future and reduce our carbon footprint.”

“Partnerships, such as OZblu and Emergent Energy, are selected as part of FEDgroup’s new impact farming venture based on their commitment to sustainable farming practices,” says Angus Robinson from FEDgroup.

FEDgroup have recently launched their impact farming product with its own App. It gives you instant access to a growing network of local crowd farming ventures that turn over substantial profits without you having to get your hands dirty.