What We Grow

The Bigger, Bolder, Sweeter, Crispier Blueberry!

Through our unique breeding program (using only natural methods) we have created a range of blueberries that are generally bigger, sweeter, crispier and juicer than the older traditional varieties which are still prevalent in the market.

OZblu Blueberries

What We Grow

Meet the Grande Dames of Blueberries… OZ Eva, OZ Julieta, OZ Bella, OZ Monica, OZ Bonita, OZ Julia, OZ Lucia, OZ Magnifica and OZ Magica… OZblu’s range of tastier, juicier blueberries.

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Selection & Quality

All the OZblu blueberry varieties meet our strict criteria for size (bigger range), taste (sweeter), firmness (crispier), colour (deep blue), natural bloom, a longer shelf life and juiciness – simply put… a far superior quality of berry and eating experience!

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OZblu blueberry packaging


OZblu blueberries are packaged in bulk cartons and punnets designed to protect the berries during transportation and to allow airflow around the fruit. All OZblu packaging is recyclable.

Where to Buy

Ask for OZblu by name at all leading supermarkets!

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OZblu blueberries


What are the different varieties of OZblu blueberries? Do blueberries continue to ripen after they’ve been harvested? Can I freeze my fresh blueberries? What are the health benefits of blueberries? Can OZblu ship directly to the consumer?

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