Product Range

Because not all blueberries are created equal!

Through our unique, natural breeding program we have created a product range of blueberries that are generally bigger, juicier, crunchier and tastier than older traditional varieties. These older varieties are still common in the market, but OZblu is making waves with its new and improved eating experience.

OZblu organic punnet

OZblu blueberries are bred by renowned blueberry breeders Dave and Leasa Mazzardis. They are grown by a global network of passionate blueberry farmers. These farmers span the globe, growing in Australia, North America, South America, Southern and Northern Africa and Southern Europe.

And we are not the only ones that think they are magnificent… OZblu is the only blueberry breeding program to have varieties approved for the top tiers of UK retailers – all year round!

“We’re now in the second wave of genetics like the OZblu which are bigger, sweeter and better-yielding…these are exciting times to be selling blueberries, particularly premium varieties.”


Fruit Buyer, Marks & Spencers


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